Rooftop Advertising

Coloured Logo

Black… then White… and Now… It’s RAINBOW TIME

YES, Silent Roof rooftop advertising is available in a range of colours. Have your company logo on ANY roof surface. No painting, remove and relocate at any time. UV stabilised. See below.

In 2019, we were approached by a global brand via our installation company who posed the question, ‘what other colours are available?’

But this enquiry was not for suppression of rain noise but for rooftop advertising purposes. A base layer of one colour overlaid with a contrasting colour of the companies logo.

This project was for a 10,000 square metre roof structure overlooked by numerous high rise buildings, the perfect advertising platform.

Following months of negotiation and efforts within the R&D department of our manufactures in Germany, a new version we refer to as, Coloured Silent Roof Material (CSRM), was born.

Now utilise rooftop advertising AND suppress annoying rain noise at the same time with this unique variation of Silent Roof.

QUESTION: Could the ONE application fund for THE OTHER? 

The installation approach begins with the base layer of the chosen colour, the company logo is cut from a special thinner layer of CSRM and secured to the base layer. Our installation company can provide this installation service worldwide. Follow this link for a time-lapse video showing the installation of standard black SRM on a warehouse roof in preparation for filming SKY Atlantics ‘Temple’ series..

Do you have a situation that could benefit from this new development?

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