How Does It Work

How does it work? You can’t stop the rain but you can stop rain noise interrupting the activities beneath the roof surface in question, install a Silent Roof system.

'Stitching' lengths of Silent Roof Matting Material

Silent Roof have developed a solution to stop rain noise interruptions and  dramatically reduce rain noise emanating from hard roof surfaces in to the living or working space beneath. A unique material that in simple terms shatters falling rain drops on the upper smooth surface, the rain water then trickles through the lattice  then drips on to the original roof surface and away in to the rain water drainage system. The material is black in colour and is UV stabilised. Due to the flexible properties of the material it can be utilised on any surface be it flat or curved. We have developed various means of securing the material to a variety of surfaces. Once installed the space below the treated roof surface immediately benefits from a dramatic reduction in rain noise pollution.