The Film Industry

Silent Roof engages with The Film Industry.

‘The Monster Roof’
In the spring of 2018, we received an enquiry that asked:-
Hi… This may be an odd one. I have a large warehouse that we want to sound proof from the rain and we cannot install anything internally so the normal insulation methods don’t work. Could your panels be fitted externally to a metal warehouse roof please?”

Monster Roof Installation

Introduction to the Film Industry
This enquiry developed in to the first Silent Roof installation associated with sound recording within the Film Industry. It transpired that the ‘large warehouse AKA ‘The Monster‘ had been acquired to house a set for filming. This is the first series of ‘Temple’  that was released by Sky ONE in the autumn of 2019. Silent Roof delivered a solution to the problem of rain noise emanating from hard surface roof structures. Rain noise would have adversely affected the recording activities of the filming crew in the set beneath the warehouse roof. So successful was this installation that other enquiries followed again associated with the Film Industry. Early in 2019, the now widely acclaimed Sam Mendes production ‘1917’ from Storyworks engaged Silent Roof Ltd to provide,  Rain Noise Reduction Technology to filming locations in the Salisbury area of the UK.

Silent Roof in the USA

Our first supply of any quantity within the USA of our Silent Roof Material (SRM) was to Moffett Productions   who now use our product on their film studio roof in Houston, Texas. This was followed by the media giant NBC Universal for their new studio complex acquired in Albuquerque. The st.Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis also utilised SRM on a studio roof. 

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By the end of 2021, with the global pandemic showing the first signs of diminishing, Silent Roof had been continuing to supply Silent Roof Material to a variety of locations here in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and the USA