A Typical Conservatory Roof

Look familiar?

Silent Roof Installed

Up until 2018, Silent Roof were almost exclusively involved with the supply and installation of Silent Roof Material (SRM), to domestic conservatory roofs up and down the UK. The SRM in use for these installations was translucent (white) in colour and was fitted within a purpose built frame, one for each roofing panel as shown in the image opposite. Link to Installers Guide.

Translucent SRM is a premium product at a premium price and is not suitable or desirable for commercial roofing structures. These structures, typically Profile Metal Roofing panels are treated for rain noise prevention using our black version of SRM. Consider using BLACK Silent Roof on your conservatory? Read on.

Only BLACK available
The Monster Roof installation of Silent Roof Matting Material

A Commercial Installation

The main difference between the installation on a conservatory and a metal roof is that on a metal roof the SRM is laid in continuous lengths rather than cut to panel width as in the conservatory approach. The major advantage of the continuous length approach, if this method were applied to a conservatory roof, is that it would cover the glazing bars as well as the roof panels. This would in turn reduce rain impact noise arising from the plastic capping of the glazing bars as well as drumming noise produced by the roofing panels during periods of rainfall. Link to Installation Guide

What will black Silent Roof Matting Material (SRM) look like from the inside of the conservatory? As we all know who have lived with a polycarbonate panelled conservatory roof for any length of time, you most likely will be familiar with the roof appearance as indicated in the images opposite. Polycarbonate discolours over time, the addition of black SRM will darken the roof panels to some extent but it will significantly reduce the rain noise in the conservatory. A simple and very effective solution to the aesthetics of the conservatory interior is to simply PAINT IT WHITE.

If you ‘Google’ painting polycarbonate panels, you will be met by tales of woe and pending disaster if you ever offer a paint brush to the interior surface. NOT SO.  The images opposite are of a conservatory prior to installing black SRM to the roof. The images clearly show the discoloured polycarbonate roofing panels and how they appear after 2 coats of Multi Surface Paint by Bedec available from ‘’.

The paint is water based and very simple to apply using a small paint roller. The finish is very pleasing and gives a fresh appearance to the conservatory interior.

Stop Rain Noise on Conservatories. Silent Roof in Black Continuous lengths

There are significant cost benefits of this using BLACK material, particularly using the continuous lengths approach rather than bespoke framework.

Black SRM is much cheaper than it’s white equivalent.

There are no additional costs for framework plastics.

Installation is a far less time consuming factor.

From a rain noise reduction standpoint, it is far more effective to cover virtually the entire roof structure, roof panels and glazing bars, than it is just to cover the roof panels themselves.

Most importantly, the continuous lengths installation approach is eminently suitable for the DIY enthusiast which of course eliminates the need for a ‘professional’ installation at ‘professional’ hourly rates.

BLACK on conservatory
Silent Roof in Black installed on Conservatory
The black version of Silent Roof laid in continuous lengths gives an appearance that is more akin to the current trend toward ‘solid’ appearance roofing without the high price ticket but with virtually all of the benefits. As an indication of installation time for 2 x DIYers, a 16 square metre Edwardian conservatory can be completed easily within ONE day. Contact Us below.
Silent Roof Matting Material (SRM) - close up image