Reuse – A Unique Property

Silent Roof can be relocated. This reuse is a unique property of Silent Roof Material (SRM). When you purchase any amount of SRM, you do so in the knowledge that it can be relocated to a different roof structure as and when you require. This is not the case for virtually all other treatments utilised to attenuate the effect of rain noise on roof structures.
The usual approach is to attempt to reduce the level of noise pollution AFTER it has occurred by adding acoustic noise reduction spray layer(s) for instance to the underside of the roof structure.
Silent Roof Material applied to the outside surface of the roof structure, stops rain drops impacting on the roof surface so dramatically reducing the resultant rain noise BEFORE it occurs.
You then have the option to roll up the SRM, transport it to another location and utilise it and it’s rain noise reduction properties again, and again, and again… One purchase, multiple applications.
What other product possesses this property of reuse in relation to rain noise pollution?
To our knowledge, NONE. Silent Roof – Hearing is Believing.