Moffett Productions

Moffett Productions - Houston

Moffett Productions complete a Silent Roof installation on their Houston Texas based studio roof. Chris Wohrer (Pesident) and colleagues installed the Silent Roof system in a couple of days. We wish Moffett Productions a bright future with no more rain noise interruptions.
Moffett Productions is an audio and video production company plus creative agency in Houston, Texas. Their number one priority has and always will be customer satisfaction. Founded in 1988 by the late Bill Moffett, they began as a studio where independent event promoters could get high-quality radio commercials delivered next day.

ATI (UK) Ltd

Silent Roof mechanised installation at Air Techniques International offices in the UK.
Utilising our installers at Film Floor to provide the personnel, the entire roof was covered in a single day. Rain noise interruptions are now a thing of the past thanks to Silent Roof.

Silent Roof mechanised installation