Storm Eunice – 18 February 2022

Storm damage -o2

Damage was caused to the O2 Arena during storm Eunice. Sections of the fabric roof of the venue, formally known as The Millennium Dome, were shredded by the force of the storm’s winds on 18th February 2022. 

One question that Silent Roof Ltd are asked on a regular basis is “How secure is a Silent Roof installation in stormy weather conditions?” The image below is that of a recent Silent Roof installation taken shortly after storm Eunice had passed through the UK. The installation is on the 10th floor of a building exposed to the elements. We are pleased to report, as you can see, neither this nor any other of our completed installations suffered any damage as a result of storm Eunice or any other of the recent storms of 2021-22.

10th floor installation

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